No. 16.2 (2016)


Wu, Ming-Hua

Confronting Orientalism with Cinematic Art:
Cultural Representation in Bruce Lee's The Way of the Dragon

[Upload Date: 10 April 2016]

She, Chia-Ling

Turning Tender Petals into Sharp Protruding Thorns:
Sexual Politics in Nawal El Saadawi's Two Women in One and The Circling Song

[Upload Date: 13 April 2016]

Kao, Shu-ting

Gnostic Philosophy in Poe's
"The Fall of the House of Usher"

[Upload Date: 22 July 2016]

Liu, Pei-Hsun Emma

Exploring the English-Language Ideology:
Critical Praxis in English Language Education

[Upload Date: 15 September 2016]



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