No. 14.1 (2013)


Hu, Chin-yuan

The Im/Possible Host/Guest:
Hospitality in A Passage to India

[Upload Date: 25 September 2013]

Hong, Chi-yin and Su-chin Shih

Proficiency and Complaints:
Analyses of Productions and Perceptions

[Upload Date: 4 October 2013]

Yeh, Ya-Ju

"Ideal Wives"?: Domestic Objects and the Façade of Femininity in Katherine Mansfield's Short Stories

[Upload Date: 3 November 2013]

Wu, Hsin-fa

"To be or not to be": The Terror (Un-)Masked and the Dialectics of Form and Content in Bertolt Brecht's The Measures Taken

[Upload Date: 25 December 2013]



[上載日期: 2013.09.28]

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