No. 14.2 (2014)


Wang, Chun-san

"Community of Collapse": The Ethics of Choice in
Henry James's The Wings of the Dove

[Upload Date: 29 January 2014]

Tseng, Chien-kang

The Idea and Proper Use of Wit:
Donne's Two Early Elegies as Examined by
a Reading of Hoskyns's Direccons for Speech and Style

[Upload Date: 30 July 2014]

Hung, Chuan-hui

Carrie Meeber's Desire and Vanity in
Theodore Dreiser's Sister Carrie

[Upload Date: 13 August 2014]

Wu, Hsiang-mei

Measuring the Prioress's Forehead:
Beauty and Piety

[Upload Date: 27 September 2014]



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