Introducing Taichung


Night Market

Yizhong Night Market
一 中 夜 市
yī zhōng yè shì

Yizhong night market is near Yucai North St., Yucai St., Taiping Rd., Yizhong St., Yucai South St. and Sanmin Rd.. This night market is popular with young people; clothing, household goods, specialty restaurants, and personalized merchandise can be found here. The prices are much cheaper when compared with many other places in Taichung.

一中夜市 一中夜市 一中夜市 一中夜市
Tunghai Night Market
東 海 夜 市
dōng hǎi yè shì

Tunghai night market is similar to the Yizhong night market : food and miscellaneous merchandise can be found here. It is located in the west side of Tunghai university, which is situated in the Xituan District. To get to this night market, just follow Taiwan Avenue to the west untill you see Tunghai University on the left side.

東海夜市 東海夜市 東海夜市
Hanxi Night Market
旱 溪 夜 市
hàn xī yè shì

Hanxi night market is the biggest mobile night market in the East District. It has approximately 300 food stalls, and is located at the corner near the intersection of Hansi East Road and Zhen Xing Road. The night market is open from 18:00 to 24:00 on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. Parking is free and easy to find.

旱溪夜市 旱溪夜市 旱溪夜市
Fengjia Night Market
逢 甲 夜 市
féng jiǎ yè shì

Fengjia night market is located in the Xitun District of Taichung City. It is a very famous night market in Taichung. There are stores on every street, including food stalls, foreign cuisine, sporting equipment, clothes, massages, etc. It features 〝cheap and satisfying〞consumption; therefore it attracts many people who are fond of night markets. It’s a good choice that you can’t miss in Taichung.

There are several main roads which include the Fengjia night market. There is a McDonald's where many people meet their friends at the crossroads where Fuxing Rd. and Fengjia Rd. meet. Near the crossroad, there is a street which sell mainly clothes, boutique items, and accessories. Ln. 20, Fengjia Rd. is a 〝box lunch street.〞Delicous snacks and drinks are sold along this road on both sides.

Wenhua Rd. is not only the most popular street, but also the place a traveler must visit. There are food, drinks, fun and games--whatever you can think of. You can find special snacks on nearby roads, and there are many alleys which have unique stores.

逢甲夜市 逢甲夜市 逢甲夜市 逢甲夜市 逢甲夜市
Miaodong Night Market
miào dōng yè shì

Miaodong night market is famous in Taichung City as well as the Fengyuan area. It is located in the Chung Zheng Road in an alley next to the temple, Chiji Gong. Visitors from Taichung City can take the local train from the Taichung Train Station to Fengyuan Train Station. The walking distance from the Fengyuan Train Station to the night market is about 3 ~5 minutes.

廟東夜市 廟東夜市 廟東夜市 廟東夜市
Daya Night Market
dà yǎ yè shì

Daya night market is located in Chung Ching Road, and is only open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This night market is more traditional than the Fengjia night market. You can also have fun by playing games in the night market.

大雅夜市 大雅夜市 大雅夜市 大雅夜市
Zhongxiao Night Market
忠 孝 夜 市
zhōng xiào yè shì

Zhongxiao night market is located in southern Taichung, close to National Chung Hsing University. It is a diverse supper and night snack center in Taichung City.

Unlike Yizhong street market and Fengjia night market, Zhongxiao night market is a shopping district famous for its cuisine.

忠孝夜市 忠孝夜市
Zhonghua Night Market
中 華 夜 市
zhōng huá yè shì

Located on Zhonghua Road, the Zhonghua night market is the oldest night market in Taichung and was the most famous business area during the 1970’s and 1980’s. It is not far from the Taichung Train Station; therefore, visitors will have no difficulty getting to this night market.

中華夜市 中華夜市 中華夜市 中華夜市 中華夜市
Jingyi Night Market
靜 宜 夜 市
jìng yí yè shì

Jingyi night market is next to Providence University in the western Taichung near Shalu, a seaside town. Although it is small, it is a good night market, which only operates on Monday and Thursday.

靜宜夜市 靜宜夜市 靜宜夜市 靜宜夜市