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 Program Guidelines
1 Requirements:
Graduate degree can generally be obtained upon completion of study in the third or fourth year, with four being the maximum years of study.
2 Minimum Credits Required:
A minimum of 36 credits, including Graduate Thesis (which accounts for 6 credits), is required for students in the graduate program. Bibliography and Research Methodology and Literary Criticism are the two required courses. Each graduate course is worth 3 credits and there is no further limitation.
3 Research Proposal:
Students must submit research proposals that are approved by the advisors and related faculty members before proceeding to write their theses.
4 Advisor:
Students must seek advisors to their theses before the end of the second year.
5 Graduate Thesis:
Must be 80 to100 pages in length of any topic related to literature. Research thesis is written in English unless it is a translated work or creative writing which will require 30 or more extra pages of theory or critical review.
6 Research Assistant (RA):
Students may apply to become assistants to faculty members to facilitate their research or projects.
7 Facilities:
Students are provided with a self-study room with 30 cubicle spaces reserved to first and second year students, as well as personal mailboxes for every student in the department. Additionaly, the computer room is supplied with about 20 desktops and the library is supplied with 150 kinds of journals and periodicals for students’ researches.
8 Education Credits Courses:
Students can apply for education credits courses in the second semester of each year. Academic grades will be the basis of selection order and candidate names will be nominated according to the seat quota of each department after the departmental affairs meeting.

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