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 Continuing Education Program
1 Requirements:
Evening school courses are taught from 18:20 to 21:55. It takes 5 (five) years for students to complete the undergraduate program.
2 Minimum Credits Required:
A minimum of 136 credits is required for students in the undergraduate program to graduate. Among which 28 credits are campus-mandatory course credits (6 for Freshman Chinese, 6 for Freshman English, 6 for History and Social Studies courses, 2 for Sun Yat-sen and Contemporary Thought, 2 for ROC Constitution, and 8 for General Courses), 50 credits are required courses from the department of your major (Foreign Languages and Literatures), and 6 credits can be acquired from other departments. Social Studies courses include Democracy and Constitution, National Development, International Relations, and Contemporary Thought .
3 Transfer of Credits:
New students or transfer students who already have credits from other universities, colleges or institutes of higher education, can transfer these credits towards their NCHU degree. Students wishing to transfer credits must take a completed credit transfer application form, together with their personal chop, to the Academic Affairs Office before registration for new courses.
4 Skipping Higher Academic Years:
Students whose transferred credits number more than 30 may start from the sophomore year; students with more than 60 transferred credits may start from the junior year
5 Physical Education (PE), Military Training and Nursery:
Military Training and Nursery are required courses in the freshman year and elective courses in the sophomore year. PE is a required course from freshman to junior years. PE is an elective course in the fourth and fifth years.
6 Taking Courses from Other Academic Years:
Apart from general courses, students may take courses from higher academic years if they have received a grade of more than 80% for the previous semester’s courses. Students must submit a report and proof of grades. There are no restrictions on taking courses from lower academic years
7 Course Failure:
For full-year courses, the course’s counterpart in second semester may not be taken if the student has not taken the first half of the course, or if the student receives a failing grade of less than 40 points for the first half of the course
8 Day School Classes:
Evening school students can only take day school classes and vice versa under one of the following six conditions:
a. They are fourth or fifth-year students who need to retake a certain course or take a required course, but are unable to take the class offered by the day school because it clashes with their existing schedule.
b. They are final-year students who want to take elective courses not offered by the evening school.
c. They are elective double majors or students minoring in Englsih.
d. They are students whose previous semester’s grades are within the top 10%.
e. They are final-year students to whom a clash in course schedule would mean delaying graduation.
* In other exceptional circumstances, the Chair of the Department may apply on the student’s behalf. The application must be accepted by the Chair of Academic Affairs and the Director of Evening School.
Note: Only one-third of the total credits being taken in that particular semester can be switched to the day classes.
9 Education Credits Courses:
NCHU offers high-school education credits courses. A two-week application period starts in March each year. Students wanting to apply must submit an application form, résumé and a record of all credits and grades received. Initial selection will be made based on grades for required core courses. Those who pass the initial round of selection will then be recommended by the College of Liberal Arts for an oral examination. Students who are accepted into the course must take and pass 26 (twenty-six) education credits (taught during day school hours) before they graduate.
10 Early Graduation:
Students who have successfully completed the minimum number of required and elective course credits, whose grades have been in the top 10% of each semester and whose conduct grade is 82% or above may apply for graduation either one semester or one academic year earlier than normal.

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