Fried Taro
yù qiān

    Rather than being glutinous like taro cakes, fried taro is a little crunchy. This dessert originated in Tainan but now can be found almost everywhere in Taiwan. Although it does not look very impressive, it was once served as a special dish at banquets and was widely praised for its flavor and crunchiness. Essential ingredients include sliced taro, ground pork marinated in soy sauce, and potato flour.Cabbage rice is like fried rice but very heavy on the cabbage. The stand in the accompanying picture is located in Lukang and has been selling cabbage rice since 1944. In general, cabbage rice is rather oily, but this stand is famous around the island for its light rice infused with the fragrance and sweetness of cabbage. As illustrated in the photo, pig’s blood soup makes a perfect match for cabbage rice.